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At TAG, we have around 35 professionals and partners with over 20 years’ accumulated experience in the financial, real estate and capital markets.


Ana Elise Capellari

South Region - CFP


Graduated in Business Administration / Foreign Trade. Career developed in financial institutions, being 13 years at Banco Bamerindus do Brasil and another 20 years at Private Bank of HSBC and Bradesco Banks. CFP® and CPA 20 certification.


Dan Kawa



Degree in Economics from PUC-Rio. Working in the asset management and hedge fund community since 2003. Extensive experience in third party asset management, fund of fund, asset allocation and strategy, He has worked in the country's largest independent managers such as Gap Asset Management, Bank of New York Mellon ARX Investimentos, FLAG Asset Management and Icatu Vanguarda He has held the position of Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist for the last four years and was responsible for the areas of Fund of Funds, Multimarket Funds and Asset Allocation of Icatu Vanguarda. He participated in all the process of growth, expansion and development of the company, being part of support and decision committees in strategic business issues.


Fernando Akiyama

Management Information Technology - CSM® and CSPO®


At TAG since September/19, he is responsible for all projects and improvements related to Information Technology. Graduated in Computer Engineering, postgraduate in Systems Engineering. CSM - Certified ScrumMaster® and CSPO - Certified Scrum Product Owner. She has a Project Management course at FIA-FEA / USP and a certificate from the Empretec seminar aimed at entrepreneurs. More than 15 years of experience in Financial Market solutions, serving major players such as Santander, Bradesco, Itaú, Caixa Econômica Federal, BNY Mellon, BVMF, Sicredi, Banco do Brasil, JP Morgan and others. He has been working in Systems and Project Management for 12 years, with multidisciplinary teams involving the entire development cycle from requirements gathering, engineering, construction, testing, delivery and implementation. For the past 2 years he has been leading Agile teams, being responsible for Agile Transformation in the Caixa Econômica Federal Financial Segment, supporting the construction of a User Journey based on Lean Inception, Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban following best practices. market development.


Francisca Albuquerque C. Brasileiro

Strategic Allocation


Following 9 years dedicated to academic research, Francisca specialized in Strategic Asset Allocation for Institutional Clients of global consulting firm Willis Towers Watson, where she was also responsible for Management Selection and Monitoring Risk and Compliance areas. She has also worked as a risk manager at Luz Engenharia Financeira consulting firm, working with Assets, Family Offices and treasury. She has a degree and a Master’s in Physics and has specialized in numeric simulation models and robust statistical analyses.


Leonardo Finelli

Asset Management – South, CFP®


Degree in Economic Sciences from PUC-SP. Specialization in Finance from FGV. He has also done an international internship at University of California, San Diego. His career developed in large Brazilian and international financial institutions, working as a financial advisor and private banker. CFP® Certification.


Livio Ribeiro

Associate Economist


He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics from PUC-Rio and has published in the areas of foreign trade, international economics, public finances and bilateral relations between Brazil and China. Senior researcher at IBRE/FGV, general coordinator of the FGV-IBRE Activity Thermometer and responsible for macroeconomic coverage of China and Brazil (focusing on the sector abroad). He is also a macroeconomic consultant for TAG INVESTIMENTOS and managing partner at VGBL-J Economistas Associados S/S. Previously, he was a consultant for the UN Development Program (in agreement with the National Treasury), head of the economic studies division at FIRJAN (State of Rio de Janeiro Federation of Industries), associate researcher at IBRE/FGV and he has held countless positions in Brazilian and global financial institutions, covering commodities exporting countries in Latin America, Africa and Oceania, as well as Brazil and China.


Marcelo Pereira

Operational Management and Structured Funds, CGA (ANBIMA - Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association - Manager Certification)


Founding partner of TAG Investimentos since 2004. He has a degree in Systems Analysis from SPEI and a post-graduate degree in Corporate Finance. His career developed in financial institutions, working in Treasury Controllership and Risk and Brokers at HSBC. He was responsible for implementing risk control and estimate methodology at HSBC Bank Brasil during the acquisition of Bamerindus and CCF. CVM (Securities Commission) Value Manager. CGA (ANBIMA - Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association - Manager Certification) Certification.


Marcia Scaramela

Strategic Management of Institutional Resources, CFP


Partner active in the Commercial Area Asset Management of TAG; CFP certificated. Graduated in Economics, she holds an MBA in Business Management from Fundação Dom Cabral and a Post-MBA in Leadership and Negotiation from Kellogg School of Management. She has been in the financial market since 1986, with solid experience and experience in BankBoston Treasury, performing executive duties with Corporate clients. She also worked at institutions such as Lloyds TSB and Banco Itaú in the area of ??Wealth Management for 10 years. Prior to joining TAG, she was head of Banco Opportunity's Private Banking for 6 years.


Marco Bismarchi

Portfolio Management, CFA


He holds a degree in Business Management from FGV. He has experience in the financial market, working as a Variable Income analyst in Ativa Brokers. He holds CFA and CGA (ANBIMA - Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association - Manager Certification) Certification and is a Value Manager at CVM (Securities Commission).


Marcos Papaterra Limongi Ferreira

Asset Management Individuals, CFP


Partner in the Commercial Area Asset Management of TAG; CFP certificated. Graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, with over 10 years of experience in Wealth Management, he worked at BKBG Advogados, responsible for Client Financial Management. He joined TAG in 2006, initially acting as an analyst of the Resource Management and Allocation Team. He is currently responsible for customer service in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.


Roberto Dib

Structured Products and Securitization


He has a degree in Production Engineering from POLI. His career has developed in financial institutions, working as Head of structuring and differentiated financial solutions, Superintendent of Corporate Finance and Structured Finance Officer at Latin Finance Advisory & Research, developing Fixed Income structures, including Capital Markets, Real Estate, Agribusiness and Infrastructure Securities, Acquisition Financing and differentiated financial solutions at Votorantim.


Rodrigo Pereira

Institutional Clients


Rodrigo has worked at well-known financial institutions such as CCF, Lloyds Bank, Santander and Itaú BBA, always with institutional clients. In April/18, he joined the TAG Investimentos team, coming to us from F3 Capital. Rodrigo holds the CPA20 (ANBIMA - Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association - Professional Certification series 20) from ANBIMA and has a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomic Engineering from Universidade de Pinhal, as well as a Specialization in Credit, Banking and Corporate Finance from FGV-SP.


Telma Rabello

New Business and Marketing, CPA20 (ANBIMA - Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association - Professional Certification series 20)


She holds a degree in Business Management and a Specialization in Finances from UC Berkeley. Her career has developed in financial institutions, working in Strategic Marketing and Business Management in Private Banking and Investment Banking at BankBoston, Itaú Private Bank and J.Safra. CPA20 (ANBIMA - Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association - Professional Certification series 20) Certification.


Thiago de Castro

Commercial and New Business Management, CFP®


Founding partner of TAG Investimentos since 2004, Thiago de Castro has been in the financial market for the last 25 years, with solid experience in the Treasury department of the ABN-Amro and Citibank. He also held leadership positions in Corporate, Credit and Project Finance departments at Banco Santander, with experience as an Executive in Brazil, Spain and Chile. Thiago holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, an also a MBA from the University of São Paulo in Economics and Finance. Additionally, he is currently a Board Member of Alianza Investimentos


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