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TAG, in line with its values, supports and encourages actions that contribute to a fairer, more equal society. We understand that the company’s success depends on valuing those who work day in, day out, as well as the development of the community around us.


We support the VocAção NGO. Created in 1967, it aims for social inclusion for children and young people in disadvantaged communities* through projects involving education, culture and citizenship.

The TAG team takes an active part in the “Mentoring” program, the aim of which is to give guidance and advice to young people, preparing them to join the job market. We help these young people develop the skills that contribute to social inclusion and to extending their horizons through the creation of the Life Project (Projeto de Vida).

Managing Talent

It is something all members are responsible for.

To be able to meet the increasingly complex needs of sophisticated clients, we invest in the ongoing improvement of our professionals, developing their skills through constant training and refreshers.



TAG Investimentos supports the Puro Amor NGO. Created in 2006, the aim of the Puro Amor Supplementary Education Association is to see education as the only path to a fairer and happier society.

The work is carried out in the period the children are not at school. They spend the morning at school and the afternoon at the association, or vice versa.

At Puro Amor, a variety of activities, such as tap dance, Spanish, IT, art, music and eye care are carried out.

The institution has a socio-economic database, thus working with children from low income backgrounds and those who are socially vulnerable.

Headquarters in Blumenau – Santa Catarina.


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