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Excellence in management

TAG is recognized for its exceptional technical capacity and relentless search for excellence in terms of asset management. This is one of its main differentials. Based on an in-depth diagnosis on the needs and interests of each client, either individual or institutional, TAG identifies the most efficient investment vehicles and/or creates customized products and solutions, using its global market intelligence to generate value and achieve outstanding financial returns.


On account of its independence, without any relationship with any financial institution, TAG has put together a team made of professionals with the same approach: flexible to the intense market conditions and ready to permanently challenge itself, thus creating the best asset management solutions for its clients and working independently, reliably and competently.

All TAG partners directly participate in the decision-making processes, reaffirming their commitment to build solid, long-term relationships with clients.

Do more, do better

TAG has received all quality certifications from the regulatory agencies, in terms of processes, compliance, infrastructure and IT-related investments, and is part of a hand-picked group of companies that actively participate in the sector decisions and regulations. This only strengthens the commitment of doing more and better, not only for its clients, but also of being ahead, leading the market growth.

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TAG Investimentos
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TAG Investimentos
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